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2. She’s Inspiring On & Off The Dance Floor

Although I don’t know Amber personally, she seems to have a phenomenal personality and positive spirit. In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Riley stated that this competition has taught her to push her limits and that she could do more than she thought she could.  She then went on to say, “Derek keeps me from getting negative. When I get to that place, he’s good at redirecting me. Even in my everyday life, I can learn from that.”

I don’t know about you, but those words are quite an inspiration and can be applied to more than just this DWTS competition! Pushing to the limit is something I’m sure each of us experience in our everyday lives, and when we finally find that we can do what we’ve set our minds too, we learn that we can do way more than we thought! Let me go write this down on my vision board, LOL.

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