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   When the TLC movie CrazySexyCool first aired viewers found out an interesting piece of this twisted puzzle. Fans were surprised to see that before Chilli joined the group, there was an original member named Crystal who didn’t make the cut. In the movie, Crystal  was kicked out of the group after the girls auditioned for LA Reid and Pebbles,  the movie portrayed pebbles as a member that couldn’t sing to save her life. Of course, Crystal was disappointed with the way she was portrayed, and she stopped by Atlanta radio station, V-103 with Ryan Cameron to tell her side of the story.

Crystal and her former manager Ian Burke, who helped her with the original TLC  group, she says she got cut by Pebbles because she refused to sign the bogus contracts without her mother looking at them first.  Ian  also chimed in to say that, Jermaine Dupri played a huge role in the girls developing their sound and that the ladies only met through himself and Rico Wade. He also said when Lisa first auditioned, he told her “No.”

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10 Thoughts About The TLC Movie “CrazySexyCool”
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