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Essentially, there is no evidence of this so called debacle that transpired at the W hotel in Washington, D.C. as members of Chris Brown’s camp as well as officials have been searching for video footage from the alleged altercation but there is no surveillance footage or anything. 

According to TMZ:

Chris Brown got into a fight last Sunday literally a stone’s throw from the White House — one of the most heavily guarded areas of the country — yet TMZ has learned not a single camera recorded the altercation, and in this case it could be game-changing.

As you know Chris has been charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching a guy in the face outside the W Hotel in D.C. Sources connected with the hotel tell TMZ there were two cameras on an overhang but neither was trained on the fight.

What’s more, although there are government buildings in the immediate area, law enforcement sources tell us no surveillance camera picked up the fight.

Police and members of Chris Brown’s team have combed the area looking for video but we know they have come up empty-handed.

So why is this good for Chris? As TMZ first reported, a secret service agent patrolling the area at the time of the fight heard the alleged victim tell a DC cop that Chris did NOT punch him. The D.C. cop has denied the victim ever told him that, but the Secret Service agent could blow up his credibility.

Short story — advantage Chris.

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