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Lay offs aren’t just happening in the government, the NFL is handing out pink slips too and Kerry Washington’s husband recently received one.  According to media sources Nnamdi Asomugha was cut by the San Francisco 49ers this week.  The 32-year-old cornerback was axed after signing a one-year contract on April 3, 2013 and only appearing in the first three games of this season.

After a sppedy recovery from a knee injury in September, Asomugha remained on the bench despite being healthy. He joined the team after being cut from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012. Sports analyst and fans question if this is the end of his 11-year NFL career.

The newly married man and expectant father has plenty to fall back on if he is indeed finished with the NFL.  He is a well-noted philanthropist as well as a developing actor, with roles on both The Game and Friday Night Lights on his resume.