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Florida seems to be just consumed by intelligence and good decisions (Sarcasm). 

Washington Times reports:

Many people may find a trip to the grocery store to be a bit stressful, but one elderly Florida man figured he’d had enough when a customer in front of him tried to check out more than 20 items in the express lane.

William E. Golladay, 77, faces felony battery charges for attacking 65-year-old John L. Malherbe at a Charlotte County Wal-Mart on Saturday, an local NBC affiliate reported.

The victim said in a police report that he was checking out in the express lane when Mr. Golladay started counting his items. The suspect got irritated and told Mr. Golladay he had too many items to be in the “20 items or less” lane.
Mr. Malherbe said Mr. Golladay got in his face and was yelling before returning to his shopping cart. He then shoved it into Mr. Malherbe’s right side, hurting the victim’s elbow, NBC 6 reported.

The suspect was escorted outside, but shortly returned and approached Mr. Malherbe with his fists raised, authorities said. He was escorted out again.

What is going on in 2014?

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