Seen at Florida seems to be just consumed by intelligence and good decisions (Sarcasm).  Washington Times reports: Many people may find a trip to the grocery store to be a bit stressful, but one elderly Florida man figured he’d had enough when a customer in front of him tried to check out more than […]

  From Senseless people, Senseless crimes… Well deserved time. Especially after this crazy reaction. What an idiot.  WoodTV8: GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – The man who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of a Grand Rapids mother of five was sentenced Monday afternoon, but not without an outburst. Jahleel Hoskins was sentenced […]

From For world renowned black pianist, Darryl Davis, playing an instrument was not his only way to try and change the world. He decided to dedicate his life to trying to befriend members of the notorious Ku Klux Klan and trying to sway their ideals of African Americans. It all started at a show […]

From      Since age 12 I’ve been on this dating frenzy, searching for what my parents and (play) older siblings had. Much like the rest of my peers, I whisk myself into different situationships and sometimes even relationships, that ultimately do nothing but distract me or stress me out. I’m 23 now and […]

From IAmBrianJames.COM Somehow I feel like Jigga is going to beat this case but apparently the sample in his banger ‘Run This Town’ w/ Kanye West and Rihanna, was not cleared.  Reports the New York Daily News: TufAmerica Inc. socked the Brooklyn rapper and his record companies with a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday, claiming he illegally […]

  Social Media sites are like the High School Lunchroom, everybody is jocking for position and battling to be heard. We are all searching for that cool table to sit at. Quite frankly, this causes people to do annoying ass things online and Huffington Post spoke my mind! Check out this checklist and see if […]

Last night, your timeline was going wild after the new episode of Catfish premiered on MTV. The synopsis, a young lady catfished yet another young lady by pretending she was Bow Wow, Yeah, that Bow Wow. I can’t make this stuff up man, check out the clip below @BrianJamesLive (Twitter) @IAmBrianJames (Instagram)  Reports MTV: Everyone’s […]

Are you under 30? Over worked & Underpaid? BROKE? Alone? Lonely? Great! Me too… But the end game is that we are on the rise of a new day for the 90s babies across the world. Life under 30 is tough and can be a desolate place. I would love to learn with you and […]

It’s always humbling to talk with our own stars right here in our own city. The DMV is full is some of the brightest stars with the biggest potential and this guy, Visto is one of them. We have been keeping up with each other since 2011 and with the past two years, his hustle […]

  Allen Iverson’s ex-Wife & sweetheart Tawanna is seeking over $1 Mil from the former NBA All Star in child support. Iverson, 38, is asking the ambitious ex-wife to relax on the big demands simply because he doesn’t have the money. The former Philadelphia 76er & NBA Great is claiming that the only steady income […]

  The beautiful 20 year old singer from Florida, Ariana Grande, has been the talk of the industry in recent months after skyrocketing to Number 1 on the Billboard charts. Reminiscent of Mariah Carey, the young diva in the making (Grande) sports a 8 Octave range which is nearly unheard of in today’s industry. The […]

Hip Hop Heavyweight slash Actor, Common, made headlines yesterday after announcing that he will be releasing an EP before the end of the year and that you can expect a full release from him early next year. “I’ve only got a couple songs, but I’m gonna get the EP done quick and then I’m gonna release […]