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HOUSE DEMOLISHED BY FORKLIFTNever underestimate the power of a rumor. A man in Norway went absolutely insane when he heard a rumor that his brother was planning on leveling a family home and before asking his brother, went and retaliated by driving a forklift through his brother’s house.

The beef between brother kicked off last summer when the 53-year-old man heard rumors his older brother was planning on knocking down an older house on the family’s property which the 53-year-old felt he had rights to reside in. The elder brother and his teenage son were in their home when the younger brother came and began destroying the home with a forklift.


What’s crazy about this story is this isn’t the first time the brothers got into a physical altercation over a house on the family’s estate. Back in 2012, the brothers were arguing over the same house and the 53-year-old man broke into his older brother’s house and attacked him with a pick. The attacker was sentenced to ten months in jail for that incident and while in jail, the older brother went to court and a judge ruled that the imprisoned brother had no legal right to any houses on the family’s property. It was upon the younger brother getting released from jail did he hear the rumors that sparked the forklift beef.

Fast forward to this recent altercation and the younger brother is back in jail doing a 14 month stretch for the forklift attack. The elder brother’s lawyer stated, “His way of reacting was totally crazy. You don’t tear down a house because you hear some rumors. It was a kind of revenge from the youngest brother, because he lost the civilian law suit. I have been practising law since 1999 and this is the first time I’ve ever seen that kind of behavior. If you read the verdict from the local court, they say this is a unique case, there’s been nothing like it before in Norway.”

Stories like this make me glad I’m an only child.



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Forklift Demolishes House and Bond Between Brothers  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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