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Well there’s good news and bad news in the Robin Thicke and Paula Patton love story.  TMZ reports that sources are saying Paula is truly not impressed with Robin telling both TMZ and all his fans at concerts that he’s trying to win her back. While it may be a start she wants something much more significant.

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The good news appears to be that although she told him she wants a divorce, she has yet to hire a divorce lawyer and reportedly she’s actually even  open to a reconciliation.

However, she is not playing around about what it would take for her to consider going back to Thicke! Before she would get back together with Robin, he would have to prove his loyalty to her … through his actions and not just his flowery words.

She’s allegedly keeping tabs on him at his concerts and checking for who he has around him. This includes which parties he attends..and of course that whole  after party scene. She’s also checking to see what photos surface! (Since heauxs love to run their mouths and post pics to Social Media we guess Paula is banking on it that any bad behavior Thicke might take part in will bubble up to the internets surface at some point if it exists.)

Paula knows photogs have their cameras trained on Robin and she plans to use the paparazzi as her own private detectives! She is clearly no one’s dummy!

We still have a good feeling that these two can put things back together if they want to. And at least Paula is getting the validation that she has probably needed over the last few months. She is finding out in a huge way that the public is on her side…that fans want to see her and her husband work it out…and most importantly…she knows something that most girls fear when they consider breaking up with a man they still truly love. The question, “Will he come chase me and beg me to come back or will he walk away if I leave him?” comes to women’s minds when they are walking away based on principle. Paula knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that her man will follow her where ever she goes if that’s what it takes to get her back…and that has to be a comforting feeling right now.

As Robin publicly humiliates himself by falling on his sword…he is showing that he’s not only sorry for embarrassing her publicly, but that he’s super willing to switch places and be the one embarrassed. True Love endures all things, all tests and all problems. We think these two have it and–with any luck for Robin–it will just be a matter of time ’til his family is back home.

Good Luck guys!


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