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model-playboyWhen you hear about celebrities or popular publications being sued, you never know how serious silly situations can become. A model is suing Playboy Enterprises and Playboy morning show host Kevin Klein after a stunt involving her sticking a golf tee in her butt went horribly wrong.

Model Liz Dickson is suing for battery and negligence. During a golf themed shoot, Dickson says she was asked to stick a golf tee in between her buttocks as Kevin Klein placed a golf ball on the tee and took a swing. While the intention was only for Klein to hit the ball and move on, Klein missed the ball and hit Dickson with the golf club.

As a result of being struck with the club, Dickson says she was injured and damaged. She also claims she suffered “worrying anxiety.” Dickson is seeking $500,000 on top of punitive damages.

It should be noted Liz Dickson never appeared in the magazine. She was the winner of the 2011 Girls of Playboy Golf Tournement.



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