There are soooooo many rumors going on surrounding Chris Brown and Karrueche, it’s hard to knows what’s real and what’s fake. What we can say is that she loves him (because we’ve seen him admit on camera) and we know she loves him because she has been right by his side during his court appearances.

As Brown celebrated his Birthday on Cinco de Mayo, the latest rumblings is that the ‘Loyal’ singer has popped the BIG question to Karrueche. Another “source” is saying he is planning too.

“I don’t know if that’s him being lonely in jail but that’s what he tells her. He calls her his wifey and tells her all the time that she’s perfect wife material,” a source said.

“He knows Kae is incredibly loyal and has literally put her life on hold to hold him down in jail. She’s taken care of just about everything in his house

“He basically told her that when he gets out things are going to be way different between them and that he’s going to return all the favors she’s given him with a surprise of a lifetime.

“Karrueche isn’t sure. She’s doesn’t know but she was very happy when he called her ‘wifey.’ She loves Chris to hell and back — if he did propose to her, she would say yes.

“Chris has not been getting any special treatment whatsoever while he’s been behind bars. He’s been having a very difficult time, pacing a lot, having mood swings, sometimes panic attacks. The only way to help sooth his nerves is to overeat, and the food in jail has very little nutritional value.”

I’ve never been one to be a “source” unless we can pinpoint who really said what, so we will just put a pause on this right here.

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