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Social media went crazy earlier this week after a picture surfaced of Jada Pinkett Smith’s 13 year old daughter, Willow Smith,  lying in a bed with a 20 year old actor.  Many people were quick to judge the photo as inappropriate and began to question the parenting style of Jada and her husband Will Smith.  




 Jada recently spoke out about the picture and had a few things to say to the critics.



GlobalGrind reports:

Don’t you play with Jada’s kids.  If there’s anything that will make Jada Pinkett Smith bite back like the mother lion she is, it’s messing with her children Willow and Jaden Smith


Though Moises is sitting up and doesn’t appear to be touching Willow in the photos, he is shirtless, which raised eyebrows among parents who thought it might be an inappropriate setting for such a young girl.

Now, Jada is setting the record straight, recently defending her daughter by telling TMZ “there was nothing sexual about that picture,” while arriving at LAX for a trip to NY

Watch Jada’s Response Below!


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