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There is always that fear that comes when deciding to room with other people; Are they messy? Do they stay up late blasting music? Is their significant other going to be an unforeseen problem? No one can possibly imagine a roommate situation ending up where one roommate is found dead in an attic while another missing, possibly dead, and the third is arrested on 2nd degree murder charges.

This is exactly the scenario playing out right in the District, according to the Washington Post. DC police found a half buried body, severely beaten to death, in the backyard of a rowhouse that sits in the Shaw neighborhood on the 1800 block of Eighth Street NW. This isn’t the first time the police found a corpse within this residence. On Friday, the week-old remains of another was uncovered in the attic hidden beneath a mattress. That body belonged to 22-year-old Leon Young, one of the residents of the rowhouse. His roommate, Jeffrey Bernard Neal, 21, was arrested some hours later.

When questioned about the death of his roommate Neal said he killed him in self defense. After a confrontation, Neal holds that Young killed their other roommate. He states that Young attacked and cut him first with a knife and he began to fight back. Neal admits to to hitting Young on the head with a hammer before dragging the body to the attic.

The body found in the backyard by police a week later is still unidentified but is suspected to be that of the third roommate 23-year-old Delano DeWhitt Wingfield. He was reported missing on June 3 by his grandmother.

Police are still trying to sort out the details and what really occurred, which is what led to the discovery of Wingfield’s body.

Wingfield’s grandmother did say that the boys were in fact friends and had gone to high school together, according to the Post.

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