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Tulsa, Okla., police officers Shannon Kepler and his wife, Gina Kelper, were arrested for the shooting death of Jeremy Lake, their daughter’s boyfriend. News on 6 reports that Lake was walking with the Keplers’ daughter when the couple was approached by Shannon in an SUV. The daughter told police that she approached her father and he asked what she was doing in the area. Lake then approached the car to introduce himself, and witnesses report that Kepler then shot Lake two or three times. He allegedly also shot at his daughter but missed. Read more.

Woman Finds Long-Lost Mother, Only To Discover She Unknowingly Married Her Brother

A woman went in search of her long-lost mother – and discovered she has unknowingly married her own brother. Adriana, 39, and her husband Leandro, 37, have been together for seven years and have a six-year-old daughter. The Brazilian couple – who didn’t want to reveal their surnames – spent their lives trying to find their respective mothers, who were both called Maria, and had both abandoned their children when they were still babies. Read more.

Hipster Bistro Enrages Brooklyn Neighbors With Joke About Racist Police Tactic

A posh Brooklyn eatery apologized on Thursday for a sign poking fun at the New York City Police Department’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy. Chop Chop Grub Shop, a bistro located in the quickly gentrifying neighborhood of Crown Heights, faced near-immediate scorn online this week after a local passerby posted a photo of the sign. The sign read in part: “STOP AND FRISK your APPETITE!” The NYPD’s “stop, question and frisk” program allows officers to stop city residents and frisk them to check for drugs or weapons. Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised to reform the program, which disproportionately targets minorities. Read more.

Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

Is there any way to keep white people from using computers, before this whole planet is ruined? I ask because the two enterprising white entrepreneurs above just made yet another app for avoiding non-white areas of your town—and it’s really taking off! Read more.

NYPD Brass Ordered a Crackdown on Illegal Cigarettes Right Before Eric Garner’s Death

The call to crack down on the sale of untaxed cigarettes that eventually led to a police confrontation with Eric Garner on Staten Island last month came from the highest levels of the NYPD, the Daily News reports today. Chief of the Department Philip Banks, the NYPD’s third-highest-ranking official, was first made aware of the problem in Tompkinsville at a meeting in March about quality-of-life issues. Officers soon began conducting surveillance on the streets and began making arrests, nabbing Garner for selling cigarettes in late March. In early July, a memo came from high up to intensify the focus on those same quality-of-life issues. On July 17, Garner was killed. Read more.

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