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There are few public figures in any facet of our culture who are as out-spoken, controversial, and attention-grabbing as MC/producer/designer/director Kanye West. When he says something, shows face with his wife Kim Kardashian, or even cuts his hair, it immediately becomes national news.


The most recent incident involves West allegedly demanding a handicapped fan to stand up during a show on the Australian leg of his Yeezus Tour. No matter what you may think of West, his outspoken nature easily makes him one of the most topical and polarizing figures in pop culture today, whether we like it or not. Hit the jump for seven other crazy Kanye West moments and his response to the media in Australia below.


Taylor Swift/VMAs


After winning the Best Female Video award at the 2009 VMAs, country singer Taylor Swift’s moment in the sun was interrupted by Kanye as he went on his infamous rant, claiming that “Beyonce had the best video of all time.”


Kanye Goes Off-Script During Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert

During a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina being broadcast on NBC, West put then-president George W. Bush on blast in an unscripted rant about how African-Americans are portrayed in the media, ending with a bomb of a statement: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” The looks of surprise from Chris Tucker and Mike Meyers are priceless.


Assaulting Person Who Called His Wife A “N****r Lover”

While out looking for furniture in Beverly Hills, CA, an 18-year-old man called Kim Kardashian a list of slurs, including “n****r lover,” before West himself came to his wife’s aid. The couple followed the assailant to a chiropractor’s office where West allegedly punched the man a number of times before leaving.

Fighting With Sway On “Sway In The Morning”


Kanye appeared on Sway In The Morning and got into a heated argument with prolific talk show host Sway Calloway live on the air.  


Yeezus Tour Merch/Rants

West is currently touring his latest album “Yeezus,” the first time he’s done so in five years – and boy did he make an entrance. Not only was there a selection of Confederate Flag sporting merchandise for sale, West took a considerable amount of time during each of his shows to sound off about whatever’s been annoying him at the moment. Above is his rant from the Bonnaroo Festival this past June.


Martin Louis the King Jr. Name Change


In promotion of a new sneaker that he designed for luxury fashion line Louis Vutton in 2009, West declared that he would change his name to Martin Louis the King Jr…for no particular reason.


Feud With Jimmy Kimmel  


West went off on late night host Jimmy Kimmel last year via Twitter when Kimmel made a spoof of his interview with the BBC (see above). The two decided to make amends by having West come onto the show and talk it out. Check out the video below.


Rolling Stone Jesus Pose


Shortly after his 2005 Grammy win for “Jesus Walks,” West interviewed with Rolling Stone about his career up to that point. The cover photo, which showed West adorned in a crown of thorns, caused quite a stir among readers, to which he replied: “You want me to be great, but you don’t ever want me to say I’m great?”

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