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On a perfect Saturday night at The Hamilton in Washington DC, a soothing vibe took over the beautiful concert venue, as long melodic phrases were sang into the atmosphere. Everyone knew they were coming to be entertained but this tour exceeded expectations.

From the moment our ears were introduced to the magic also known as Luke James, the entire audience was in a guaranteed musical trance. We all silently agreed that he is the perfect combination of undeniable raw vocal ability, conscious intellect, flawless confidence, immaculate stage presence and external physical beauty.

A true force to be reckoned with, he has been in the music industry for a while, and has experienced numerous opportunities that has led to his latest September 23rd Release of his Self Titled Debut Album “LUKE JAMES”. From start to finish this album is incredible. Songs about different layers of Love and the reactions to them, from a man’s perspective, really touches your soul!!! Luke James proves he is a lover and not a fighter but sure can win you over lyrically. He is definitely not afraid to express himself deeply and prides himself on always being honest, which are a couple of the main things that make him so uniquely made.

Here is the exclusive press conference Sir Harvey Fitz Media outlet @SirHarveyFitz and myself Marquita Cheron @marquitacheron on behalf of ShamyaLynne Media Outlet did after the second show:

Preparation meets opportunity on a regular with this gentleman. With his professional career starting in the late 1990’s as one third of a high school singing group “Upskale”, eventually turning into a duo “Luke & Q”, before disbanding; some major things happened that laid down the foundation for his current career. He met his longtime Manager, Director and Choreographer Frank Gaston (who is also Beyonce’s Award Winning Creative Director and Choreographer). He got an opportunity to open up for Brian Mcknight, sang background for Tyrese and hugely impressed Quincy Jones. He eventually started working along side the Phenomenal Award Winning Producer Danja (who is from Virginia and has worked with and created tons of hits for Timberland, to Dirty Money) writing hits for top show stoppers such as: Chris Brown, Brittany Spears, Keri Hillson and Justin Beiber.

The above, further brings to light the reason he is such a young but well seasoned, real artist. He has surrounded himself with nothing but the best. So, it is not a surprise when he says: “This is just the cover and the prelude to the Book Of Luke”, there are many layers to his creativity, yet to be revealed.


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With this new album, he also makes his debut as a signed singer/songwriter on Mercury/Def Jam via Producer Danja and Absolutely Amazing Sound Engineer Marcella Araica’s Label N.A.R.S (New Age Rock Star Records). So, this is one time to be in the know and stay current with one of the best vocalist, songwriter and entertainers in the music industry right now! Do not wait around! Go and Get your Copy of “LUKE JAMES” today.

Photography and Video Filmed & Edited By: Shamya Lynne Photography @shamyamylife 




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