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I been in Indy over 4 years now and have had a chance to meet and listen to a lot of the artist. One thing I always searched for was “The Naptown Sound”. I always ask what that is and no one could seem to tell me. As time went on and I kept listening to different cats, I was introduced to a guy named Ricky Freezer. We dapped, he gave me a project and proceeded to win over a crowd at a show with other Naptown artist performing.

One thing I could always say about Freezer is that I always seen him working. Not complaining, dissing radio stations or starting beef…just working. I like to sit with music and really listen to it bout 2-3 times before I really say anything about it. I must admit his project got better with each listen.

“Who is Ricky Freezer?” the album is a very fun, energetic album with a lot very good beats and some very good rhymes. It’s an album with a little something for every state of mind. It’s one of the reasons I consider Ricky Freezer “The Most Accurate Depiction of Indianapolis Hip-Hop”.

Find out Ricky’s thoughts on that as well as his introduction to hip-hop and how he feels Jim Irsay would react if and when he hears the song “Jim Irsay” on this new Cool Conversation With CamQuotes!

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Check out the project “Who Is Ricky Freezer?” below

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