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Founder and CEO Liscio of “LISCIO SPORT”, A young man with a vision and a serious will to see it through, is making impressive moves as an entrepreneur. With his stylish Men, Women and Children Urban Street Wear Apparel, he is proving you can do anything you put your mind to. As a Washington, DC native Liscio (A.K.A. Paul) wanted to step out on his own and create something that was both tangible and a conversation starter. So, putting his own touch on a logo that visually represents where he is from, as well as choosing the unique name Liscio, which is Italian and means Smooth, stamps his approach as very effective.


Right where it counts, Liscio had his very first event at the Takoma Recreational Park in NW, Washington DC.  The event was a very special occasion because, this is where he grew up and he is all about giving back to the community . So, to accomplish his efforts of bringing everyone together, really made him know that growth was being made and that he could foresee many more events forming in the future. Naturally caring greatly for the community, and inspiring more young men and women to follow suit, definitely added to the event being very important and also effective. This event featured vendors all promoting positive messages in the form of books, free gifts, and his very own urban sport line. There was a Live DJ, poets, and rappers and of course some good grilled food.  They even donated merchandise to a lot of the children at Jeremiah Church. He definitely knows how to bring the community together and also help them look good while doing it.

L.I.S.C.I.O. (Acronym meaning: Live In Sight Creativity Is Ours), further represents drive and determination within our communities of young people deciding to do something good and make a difference. So, to all of the up and coming entrepreneurs in the DMV Area and abroad, take note and be encouraged that you too can make a difference just by following your dreams and turning them into reality.


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Everyone take a moment to check out “LISCIO SPORT” and the movement he is creating in the DMV community through his company. Make sure to stay tuned for his next one.

Pictures Courtesy Of: Liscio Sport Instagram

Videography and Edit By: R. Moment Photography @mr_moment