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Future is gearing up to drop Dirty Sprite 2. So as we await its midnight release, I decided to play “Trap N*ggas,” to which a co-worker shouted, “Oh, that’s my song!”

It’s a great song, amazing. It gets the club turnt, and you know everybody needs a blessing now and then. But what happens when one of my White friends are at the club and get the urge to hear Future’s hit? What if they want to request the song, but can’t say the title? And “Trap N*ggas” isn’t the only track that presents this problem for White hip-hop lovers.


Jay Z and Kanye gave them the dilemma as well for a song that’s commonly known as just “Paris.”

Then there’s the edited “Hot Boy” by Bobby Shmurda that gave me great joy trying to convince my White friend to build up the courage to request at a bar.

Here are 9 other songs White people love, but would have a pretty hard time singing along to.

Watch The Throne “N*ggas in Paris”


Only a few people can actually request this song by name: “N*ggas in Paris.” Kanye and Jay knew was what Gucci when they named this song.

YG “My N*gga”


If a White person requests this song, it might be the single most racist thing they will ever say. “My N*gga,” those days are over! YG, why you do this?

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