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Drake and Future‘s joint mixtape, What a Time to Be Alive, broke the Internet less than 24 hours ago, and Twitter is filled to the brim with endless flame emojis thrown by super fans, while others have already deemed it trash. But like any other body of work, the mixtape has its highs and lows, both in quality and mood.

Fans of both hip-hop juggernauts just couldn’t wait to hear the two trade bars over moody beats laced with as much bass as possible. And while the “6 God” finally answered the prayers of those eager for OVO season, we decided to rank the entire mixtape.

Check out our song rankings from best to worst below and see if you agree.

“30 for 30”

Although it’s the last track, it may be the only time “lyrical” Drake makes an appearance. In typical outro form, he speaks on the good and bad of a man in his position, and seemingly asks the listener: “Where to now?”

With raps like, But I’m not really sure what else you expected/When the higher-ups have all come together as a collective/With conspiracies to end my run and send me a message,” it appears that Drizzy knows more than us, but is ready for whatever may come. He’s here for the long haul, and if this track resembles what we’ll see on Views From The 6, we’re in for a monumental album.

Winner: Drake

“Digital Dash”

As soon as the bass drops on the first song, Metro Boomin’s influence is undeniable. The trap-heavy lyrics echo Future’s words as he professes, “My dope in the bushes/ I know how to cook it/ My b-tch good looking.” Drake’s first words aren’t uttered until the last minute of the song, and you soon remember that this is indeed a collaborative mixtape – not DS3. He provides a verse similar to that of “Where Ya At,” most of which is lackluster, but does provide memorable lines like, “Just walked in with a girl that’s making triple what I’m making, what an entrance.

Winner: Future

“Big Rings”

Drake takes the reigns this time around, but with Noah “40” Shebib not on production, the beat overpowers Drizzy’s vocals. The chorus is reminiscent of  “Trophies,” as Drake believes his team has already won the championship and is running laps around the competition. The song doesn’t feature any introspective Drake lines, rather the braggadocio raps he’s been riding high off since If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, with lyrics like, I do not chase girls, but they run a mile for me.” Future comes in and completely owns Drake, however – not on lyrical ability but sheer energy.

Winner: Drake

“Change Locations”

Another amazing beat, which sounds like a Nothing Was The Same leftover. The nostalgic feeling is quickly disrupted with Future bluntly murmuring, “60 naked b-tches, no exaggeration.

Drake’s hook professing that he and his friends have money to spend sounds like it could lead into a historical verse. Instead, it’s a half-hearted one about a former flame with typical lines like, “2 in the morning my mind is on you/ 4 in the morning it still hasn’t moved.” Even Future gets into his feelings, but quickly blames it on the Percocet.

Winner: Future

“Diamonds Dancing”

Metro Boomin’ slows things down this time with a beat reminiscent of “Trap N*ggas” and a sing-songy verse from Drake. Although Future sings the hook, Drake’s background vocals add an extra level of smoothness that works over the minimal percussion. Drizzy’s verse is more like an outro, but he’s still spitting the truth. It sounds as if he’s on the phone with an ex-girlfriend who’s winning the argument, with Drake repeatedly calling her ungrateful. Similar to his chorus on “Aston Martin Music,” the story is just starting to get good as it ends.

Winner: Drake 


Serving as his last appearance, Future Hendrix gets the opportunity to slur as many words as he wants, and as per usual, it sounds amazing. He professes his love for Dirty Sprite in the most poetic way he can, which includes a chorus three times as long as the verse. Future’s last line sums up his attitude on the entire mixtape: You do what you want when you poppin’.”

Winner: Future

“Plastic Bag”

The title is pretty misleading. You’d think it’d be about Drake and Future pulling off a big robbery of some sort. Instead, it’s Drake simping over strippers and explaining why he really, really needed to go to Magic City on a Monday night. Metro Boomin’ gets a break from production duties as Neenyo provides a hollowed beat with just enough room for Drake to tell his beloved stripper tales, as he sings, “Get a plastic bag/Go ahead and pick up all the cash/You danced all night, girl, you deserve it.” Future’s voice doesn’t mesh well with the beat and his content is a bit too aggressive for the vibe of the song.

Winner: Drake


With Drake being the only non-athlete signed to Jordan Brand, he’s gotta dominate a song named after the best basketball player to ever live. He gets clever immediately with bars like, “You don’t have to call. I hit my dance like Usher, and bragging about Michael Jordan telling Drake to text him. With Drake completely owning the first half of the song, codeine-laden Future just couldn’t keep up.

Winner: Drake

“I’m the Plug”

Wow, this beat is amazingly addicting. But the tape has been very dependent on beats, rather than content. Future does his typical garbled rapping over the chorus, and the beat is perfect for Drake to go off. But can he? Sorta. Hungry Drake makes a timely appearance with clever lines like, “They was like “hold up wait a minute” I was like “nah n-gga let’s get it,” which is yet another dig at poor ol’ Meek Mill.

Winner: Drake

“Live From the Gutter”

Future takes the beat into his hands as the bass hits hard, and a piano plays in the distance. Hook duties are bodied by Future Hendrix, as the Drake verse comes last again and imitates Future-esque lines like, She don’t want pets but I’m a dog, yeah, yeah.” The track will be a smash-hit in the clubs, but it’s nothing special.

Winner: Future


The title screams strip clubs, as Drake and Future rap over a murky trap beat. It’s very similar to “6 Man” in that the concept is cool, and the production is buttery smooth, but it’s very forgettable.

Winner: Tie

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