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Amber Is Still Reeling From Miles’ “Secret”

As we all know, Amber finally discovered Mile’s so-called secret last week, and she’s still dealing with the kick back. The episode opens with Amber chatting with her sisters, who also tell her that they long knew about Miles (love is blind, though). Amber then calls Miles because she feels like she needs more clarity aka she wants to know what’s up with Miles and Milan. Miles finally drops what we think will be the last bomb—that he has been in a relationship with Milan for a while.

Amber reveals that she knows Milan too, and that she has been out with Miles and Milan together, and that she now hates Milan for taking Miles away from her. At this point we’re all just looking at Amber like… 


Hazel’s Near Death Experience

Hazel E got into a bad car accident in Dubai. She’s happy to be alive, but her face is bandaged and she’s in pain. Milan, Nikki, and Teairra stop by to see her and she explains that she drove off a cliff into a railing. She flew for 16 hours with a concussion to get back to the US so that doctors could save her nose. This is how those “nose job” rumors were born online. Speaking of nose jobs, Hazel breaks down crying because she thinks she looks like a monster and starts to reveal that she’s already insecure about her nose, and wanted to get a new nose for a long time. She’s hoping that this is a blessing in disguise because maybe the surgeon will give her the nose she always wanted. Later on, we see her at a visit with her plastic surgeon. She’s disappointed to find out that she simply got reconstructive surgery, so once the swelling goes down, her nose will like the same as it did before the accident. The doctor is happy with her progress, but she’s not. She looks in the mirror and breaks down in tears, because she’s not happy with what she sees, and that’s actually really sad.

Teddy Tries To Talk Sense Into Nia

Teddy Riley stops by to visit Nia to try to run an intervention (finally). He tells her that Soulja Boy isn’t right for her, and that she deserves better. You know, typical daddy stuff. However, Nia is Nia (#TeamLoweredExpectations), and she says that she still wants a relationship with Soulja. Teddy just tells her that he’s going to leave it in her hands. Later on in the episode she meets with Soulja Boy again and fills him in about the meeting with her dad. She then tells him that she wants them to work on their relationship yatta yatta. Soulja tells her what she wants to here, and she keeps failing at life, but she is grown, so…mmkay.

Fizz and Moniece Have a Break Down

Fizz meets up with Marla because he wants her to put to encourage Moniece to be there for their son. He’s overwhelmed and feels like a single parent. He claims that Moniece hasn’t been picking their son up on her designated weekends. Marla seems to have little sympathy for Fizz and Moniece, and tells Fizz to take Moniece to court for full custody. Fizz gets frustrated by this, feeling like Marla doesn’t have Moniece’s back and starts getting teary eyed saying that he doesn’t want his son to not have parental support, and that he feels that Marla should have her daughter’s back more. Marla is basically not moved because they chose to be parents, and then tells Fizz that he’s asking her for something that she can’t provide. Some people’s maternal and paternal instinct never kicks in.

Later on in the episode, Fizz stops by Moniece’s recording session and is frustrated that she seems to have time to record and do everything else but be with their son. He tells her that she has been missing her weekend visits, and he really wants to know what has been going on with her. Fizz doesn’t want to take her to court if he can avoid it, so he tells Moniece about the meeting he had with her mom. Moniece gets upset and has a melodramatic meltdown because she feels like her mom and Fizz are making decisions about their son without her. She then starts yelling that that no one cares about her. Fizz obviously cares about her and makes it clear that he wants her to be a good mom. He suggests that they work on their communication, even if it means going to therapy.

Fizz gets major props for being a seemingly good dad, and for still trying to work with Moniece.

The Amber and Milan Showdown

The episode ends with another cliffhanger. Amber stops by Milan’s studio session, and we’ve all been watching the Love and Hip-Hop Franchise long enough to know that meetings get extra dramatic when they’re in the studio. However, we won’t be privy to their conversation until next week’s episode. End scene.

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