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It’s time for the big trip to Jamaica (Peter’s homeland). Part of the trip is all about Cynthia’s commercial shoot for her sunglasses line, but the other part is for leisure…and drama (you know it’s coming). Some of the ladies are bringing their significant others (Kenya even brought her new rent-a-boo, Matt). Speaking of, Peter and Cynthia also invited NeNe and Gregg, but didn’t tell the rest of the group…like that surprise is going to go over well.


In the next scene we spy everyone arriving to Jamaica (sans pregnant Kandi and Todd), and Cynthia is surprised to see that Kim brought her kids since this was supposed to be an adults only trip. We should be used to Kim’s quirks by now though. Anyway, another surprise is that Sheree brought her ex husband, Bob Whitfield. You remember all their past drama, right? But apparently they’ve been working on being better friends for the sake of their kids…at least from Sheree’s perspective. Bob was definitely trying to get some.

Speaking of drama, Cynthia thought the bus ride to the hotel, in front of everyone, was the most appropriate moment to tell Kenya that she chose Kim to shoot her commercial. Of course Kenya felt some type of way about this! And now, they’re supposed to “talk” later. Stay tuned.

During the big conversation, which involved Kim, Kenya, and Cynthia, Kenya acted childish as usual. She wouldn’t admit that she was wrong for not showing up to Cyanthia’s initial meeting, but instead tried to make Cynthia feel bad for “not listening to multiple pitches.” As if disregarding that meeting wasn’t unprofessional!


Anyway, Kenya gets even pettier by asking Kim, who has directorial experience, for receipts. We know Kim has extensive experience, but uh…I’ll let you think about Kenya’s long career of black famous cameos.


Kim chose not to answer the question since Kenya isn’t the client. You know Kenya hates it when people don’t engage in her shenanigans so she worked harder at trying to downplay Kim’s career and when that didn’t work, she got in Kim’s space and pulled her chair out. Now see, this is what got her dragged by Porsha. Anyway, that was when Kim kept it cute and exited stage left. Even Cynthia thought Kenya was #teamtewmuch. Later on, Cynthia vented to NeNe, who said she would have done the same thing if she were in Cynthia’s shoes. Most of us probably would have. Friendship or not, business is business.


NeNe and Gregg made their debut at the group dinner on the first night. Everyone was surprised to see NeNe, especially Sheree (since they didn’t end on good terms). They all managed to be jolly at first, but then crabby Kenya had the nerve to say she didn’t feel like being there. Peter asked her what the problem with Kim was, and she gave the dramatic response that she would rather light herself on fire than talk about it again. Peter said that someone should give her the lighter and put her out of her misery. Unfortunately, no one did. Kim started explaining what happened and Kenya left the table. The convo continued without her. The general consensus was that Kenya was butthurt—not just because she lost the job—but because she felt entitled to it since she and Cynthia were BFF’s. Cynthia shot that BFF thing down, much to the other women’s surprise, but I guess NeNe’s back, so, there goes that, but I digress. The dinner wasn’t all drama, but this not my BFF stuff will get back to Kenya, who won’t take it well. At least the most negative energy is gone for now, though.


Cut to Kenya and Cynthia’s next chat. Kenya expressed that she felt like Cynthia tried to deny being her friend. But like, saying “we’re not BFF’s” is different from saying “we’re not friends period.” This is Kenya being her normal melodramatic self. It has long gotten old, but it’s never going to end. Cynthia’s stance was that they’re still getting to know each other and evolve as friends (even though she did kind of flip-flop since NeNe got back in the picture). Kenya then upped the drama by whining about not being able to do the commercial since “that’s why she was brought to Jamaica.”


Once again Kenya gets the tiny violin award.


And we’ll pick up next week with more drama in Jam Rock.


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