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If, like most of the nation, you were also hooked on the The People v O.J. Simpson miniseries, you’ll need some transitional material before you’re able to accept that it’s over and rejoin the ranks of society, sans The Juice.

We’ve got you covered.

Though we can’t vouch for quality just yet, we can say there’s a ton of other work out there surrounding the day Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered, compiled courtesy of Mashable.

To begin, thanks to Esquire, you can actually watch the real footage, which includes all of the most significant moments from the real case. There’s also Brett Morgan’s 30 for 30 doc, which takes us back to the day of O.J.’s Bronco car chase from the sports angle, as the chase occurred on the same day as Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Other titles that sound interesting focus on the deposition tapes, as well as O.J.’s testimony. Delve into O.J.’s psyche via 20/20: The O.J. Simpson Tapes, O.J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes, and The Secret Tapes of the O.J. Case: The Untold Story.

Click here for a full list of Juice-related material and thank us later.

SOURCE: Mashable | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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