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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta opened with Karlie Redd being messy, but what else would she be? Anyway, she met up with Tommie to try to give her tea about Dime talking smack about her among some other news, but Tommie shut it down. Basically, Tommie’s stance was that Karlie should be careful about unnecessarily offending people with her gossip—especially people that shouldn’t be offended.


Mmmkay. It was oddly worded, but actually understandable.

About that other news that Karlie Redd had…basically, she simply wanted to tell Tommie that she had a “business” meeting with Scrapp Deleon coming up. He went to her store to talk about her proposal for him to work with her “record label.” He agreed and then they started flirting, and when it came to their respective relationship statuses, Scrapp said he was never in a committed relationship while Karlie was acting like she was just casually dating Lyfe.


And then they started making out. Translation: Karlie better get ready to catch Tommie’s hands at some point.

K. Michelle is back for good, allegedly, and preparing for her listening party, which we don’t get to see this episode, but you know there will be tons of drama when it actually does go down. She and Joseline kicked it at her new home and talked about all the bishes she has scores to settle with—like Karlie Redd and Rasheeda. Joseline cosigned her shenanigans by claiming that these girls “are just jealous.” You know the imaginary hater syndrome that plagues reality stars and allegedly “classy” and “mature” people everywhere.




Joseline and Tommie met up to talk about Tommie messing up her party by popping off on Joseline’s friend Dawn. Joseline, of all people, told Tommie that she needed to chill out, and reminded her that her actions had consequences.

Tommie was surprisingly receptive to that bit of info, though. She said she got out of hand because she had too much to drink and that she had been drinking more, in general, to cope with her situation with Scrapp. It seems like she wants to calm down, but you know what show this is. Let’s count down to when she spazzes out again over a pen dropping (or on Karlie Redd), because you know it’s coming before this season is over.

Mimi asked Chris how he felt about Stevie crashing at her house (Stevie and Joseline are having marital issues so Stevie asked if he could stay with Mimi for a while). Chris doesn’t trust Stevie and is generally overwhelmed by Mimi’s baggage so he broke up with Mimi, and no one could really blame him.



Dime, Karlie Redd, Mimi and Ariane got together and ki ki’d at the latter two’s joint birthday party. Karlie brought the info that K. Michelle was back in town. In terms of beef, no one in that group likes K. Michelle so they’re obviously not thrilled for their respective inevitable run-ins with her.

At the end of the episode, Dime and Rasheeda came through to the party and ran into Bambi and her new boo (Waka’s play cousin). For some reason (*coughs cameras), Dime felt the need to tell The Bambi that Scrappy has been hitting her up and trying to get with her (as if Scrappy is some kind of catch to really be bragging about). Bambi got annoyed (rightfully so) and was just like…oookay.


This basically led Dime and Bambi to exchanging words. It didn’t escalate to physical fighting, but this beef is far from over. You know how they do.


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