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If you’ve ever been at a private screening and they tell you ‘no cellular devices allowed’ or ‘no video recording’, and we find a way to sneak and do it anyway? Who gon’ stop me?

Today, we found out that Apple, our favorite smartphone, has been granted a patent to disable the camera from taking pictures and recordings at concerts.

Your iPhone’s camera will detect infrared signals sent out by devices around the venue set up by performers. With this device they can either block all pictures and videos completely or have a similar geotagging feature, like Snapchat, where they can place a watermark or filter on the picture/video.

So what does that mean for us iPhone concert goers? They hate on us any chance they get. Not sure when this will take effect or if it will be on all models of iPhones or new versions. I’d like for them not to implement this device. We all like Snapping and showing our experiences, but may be that will enhance our concert experience with those we came with. Shrugs

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