Remember the times of people waiting in line for hours for the latest Apple product? Time’s are changing but so are the products – Apple unveiled today colorful new editions of crowd favorite products like the iMac and a new purple iPhone 12. Check out the full Apple event right now Got your eyes on […]

After months of being closed, due to COVID-19, Apple is planning to reopen a number of their retail stores. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple plans to open a small number of stores by the end August. Bloomberg is also reporting once stores open, customers will only be able to stop by if an appointment […]

Have you ever noticed that your iPhone starts acting up as soon as Apple releases a new model? Welp, there’s some truth to that. A class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple accusing the company of slowing down older iPhone models to persuade users to buy new ones, and now the company must pay at least […]

Are you in the market for a new phone? If you are, you may be able to get one from Apple for under $500. There is a rumor going around that Apple will be releasing a budget iPhone next month. The phone will be the second-generation iPhone SE and will be similar to the iPhone […]

  2017 is almost over and there’s still an age-old beef that needs to be settled: Samsung vs Apple. Though the majority of the human population are Apple users, Samsung has managed to hold their own for years, despite the stiff competition. Plus the Korean corporation has never been shy about making fun of Apple […]

Three men reportedly made off with over 300 new iPhones after taking them from San Francisco delivery truck.

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Sometimes the only response to certain news stories is “how?” That is exactly what many were thinking when they read the news about a woman who made off with a whopping $40,000 worth of iPhones from her local Target store in Virginia. According the New York Daily News, an unidentified woman reportedly dressed as […]

If you’ve ever been at a private screening and they tell you ‘no cellular devices allowed’ or ‘no video recording’, and we find a way to sneak and do it anyway? Who gon’ stop me? Today, we found out that Apple, our favorite smartphone, has been granted a patent to disable the camera from taking […]

Barbara Mills and the East Baton Rouge DA believe the key to finding Brittney Mills' killer lies in her text messages.