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Kerry Washington is pregnant with baby number two and since this ain’t her first rodeo, she’s got all the maternity wear hacks expectant women need.

The Scandal star and wife to hunk Nnamdi Asomugha covers the September issue of InStyle. Though she’s had her fair share of problems with Photoshop-happy magazines before, this spread couldn’t be more flawless. Kerry goes for the no-makeup makeup look and proves less is more in minimal accessories. Inside, she talks all about finding her center, leaving herself open to adventure, collaborating with OPI, and maternity wear tips from Jessica Alba.

Check out a few interesting excerpts below.

On taking a break from social media:

“I was starting to feel overwhelmed, like there was too much noise. I felt like I had to get back to who Kerry really is … I felt like I needed to create a little more stillness around me. There’s something about pregnancy–that willingness to take up more space in the world — that is liberating.”

On how her second pregnancy has affected her view of the world:

“I think pregnancy prepares you for what’s next–that ‘fourth’ trimester of actually having the infant,” she told Ariel Foxman, “There is so much about it that’s like the warm-up to the big game: the surrender, the lack of control. It’s a time to quiet other voices and really tune in to what’s right for me.”

On high-end designers not accommodating pregnant women:

“There’s nothing high-end for professional women who are pregnant,” she bemoans, “So for the show, we wind up just buying the same clothes. We will cut out the front of Armani trousers and put in a pregnancy panel.”

On starting a box of maternity clothes for friends:

“I also got this great idea from Jessica Alba: She told me she had this box of maternity clothes that she would ship from girlfriend to girlfriend … I’m now getting clothes back that I wore the first time. Everybody adds cute stuff to the box. You’re less afraid to spend money because you feel a lot of people are going to use it.” Pregnant women everywhere on a budget take note.”

On her collaboration with OPI:

“When OPI first approached me about working with them on a line of nail polish, I said, ‘If you just want me to smile for the ad, then I’m not interested,’” she told Foxman. “But they truly wanted my creative input and vision. My line is called the Washington DC Collection. When I spoke at the [2012] Democratic convention, my speech was really about those first three words of our constitution, “We the people,” and what it really means to honestly include the people. It was important to me in designing the colors that they look good on everyone and really celebrate diversity. I’ve had enough experiences in life of being in rooms that I was allowed to be in as long as I sat at the edge, as long as I didn’t want to change anything or shake things up.”

On what’s next:

“I am not interested in playing by other people’s rules. So for now, I’m leaving myself open to the adventure.”

On taking parenting tips from Shonda Rhimes:

“I consider myself busy,” Washington says, “but [Scandal creator and writer] Shonda [Rhimes] has about four of five shows, three kids… She says, ‘If you feel like you have just the right amount of help, then you don’t have enough.’ My therapist said this too. You need a lot of support. Not just logistically but emotionally and spiritually.”

On not wanting the world to be color-blind:

“I don’t want to not be African,” she says. “The goal is to live in a world where my race doesn’t limit my access, where I can see myself represented in the highest level of society without any limitation.”

On feeling optimistic about social change:

“I choose to feel optimistic, because I don’t think I could get out of bed if I didn’t,” she shares. [Yeah, we started clapping with fervor after reading that!]  “The key will be when we stop allowing our otherness to separate us. Whether it’s immigrant’s rights, women’s rights, civil rights, or LGBT rights, we’re all under attack, because none of us belongs to that small group who have held power for a very long time.”

We can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the family. Check out a couple of photos from Kerry’s spread above.


Kerry Washington Hits InStyle Magazine With All The Maternity Wear Hacks You Need  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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