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Known for his rapid-fire raps and hilarious Twitter timeline, Vince Staples is giving back to the youth of his Long Beach, California, community.

Through his love of music, Vince, 23, has launched his music technology program at the Long Beach YMCA, which is sponsored by Levi’s. He was joined by legendary producer Dion “No I.D.” Wilson, and wanted to emphasize how important it is for kids to understand there are more jobs within the music industry than just being an artist.

Kids are feeling like if they aren’t a superstar, they aren’t worth anything. Being the engineer, working music through a legal department or a financing aspect … I think the Levi’s Music program can teach kids about the other aspects of music,” Vince explains.

The “Norf Norf” star also encourages the youth by reminding them that even today’s biggest stars likely stumbled in the beginning of their career: “Anybody you care about, there was that time when they played a show with five people in it. Sometimes you’re going to fail. A lot, you’re going to fail. You’re going to fail more than anything else, and then sometimes, it’s going to work.”

Watch the video for Levi’s latest music project artist up top.



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