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In a preemptive strike a few weeks ago, Donald Trump finally acknowledged President Barack Obama was born in the United States, before his ploy to reach out to Black voters across the nation.

Despite his failed effort to speak to African-Americans and appear less bigoted to White voters by admitting the nation’s first president was born in America, the GOP presidential nominee doubled down on his birtherism tactics during Monday night’s presidential debate.

When given the opportunity to apologize and/or defuse the situation, Trump pressed on and said: “I think I did a great job and a great service, not only for the country but even for the president in getting him to produce his birth certificate.”

Zerlina Maxwell, Progressive Media Director for Hillary for America, responded to Trump’s debate comments on NewsOne Now, saying, “I think he was bragging about perpetuating this racist lie.”

Maxwell called Trump’s grandstanding on the issue “disgusting,” and explained the African-American community was “offended the entire time” the former reality TV star made his outlandish claims that President Obama was not born in the United States.

“How dare you come after our decorated, accomplished, intelligent first Black president?” said Maxwell.

As for Trump’s comments during the debate, Maxwell added, “He [Donald Trump] has some nerve coming out there last night and essentially giving himself credit for perpetuating a lie and then admitting the president is American. We all knew that; thanks for joining us.”

Prior to Maxwell’s remarks, Spencer Overton, President of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, explained Trump’s birtherism claims draw a direct parallel to the “presumption” of African-Americans “not being legitimate.”

Overton said the claims equate to “‘Show your papers … show us you’re legitimate,’” adding, “That really undermines the president’s stature and status in terms of a lot of communities around the country.”

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