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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off for the second of three debates moderated by ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Sunday night.

During their contentious meeting, the two presidential candidates engaged in a heated battle to garner more voter support and sparred over Trump’s latest scandal, the leak of comments he made in 2005 about women.

Trump attempted to counter the scandal by drawing attention to former President Bill Clinton’s alleged indiscretions. To further muddy the waters, Trump held a press conference before the debate with a number of Bill Clinton’s accusers to deflect from his decade-old recording disrespecting women.

On Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests dissected the second presidential debate after a recap of the latest Trump scandal and the reaction to it by Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Spencer Overton, President, Joint Center For Political and Economic Studies, reminded viewers while Trump is attempting to make Bill Clinton the focus, he is not the candidate running for president – Hillary Clinton is.

As it relates to Trump’s attempt to play off his remarks as “locker room talk,” Overton said, “Locker room talk is the reason we have all male, all white country clubs and all white and all male corporate boards.”

Attorney Midwin Charles, a contributor to Essence Magazine, explained during the debate Trump “did not do anything to back away or deflect from this idea that he has a problem dealing with women who are educated and who are fabulous.”

The NewsOne Now panelist called Trump’s response to the leaked 2005 video “appalling,” adding, “What Trump did was say that he is not as bad as ISIS.” Charles continued, “It’s one thing to say you apologize and it’s another to deflect” attention away from the firestorm that has surrounded him.

The attorney also questioned how Trump will garner the support he needs on Election Day from women with the “abysmal performance” the Republican presidential nominee displayed on Sunday night.

“All he did was measure up to what we’ve known all along, which is this is someone who does not respect women,” said Charles.

Martin turned to the Republicans on the panel for their assessment of Sunday night’s debate.

CJ Jordan, the Former Deputy Political Community Affairs Director for the 2016 RNC Convention, told Martin, Trump “did an extraordinary job last night in apologizing, but also pivoting and throwing it back over to Hillary Clinton and saying, ‘At the end of the day you’re the one who denigrated women, you are not a Camile Cosby. We didn’t bring Melania Trump out to defend what Donald Trump did, but you went on the attack on these women.’”

Sue Zoldak, CEO of The Zoldak Agency, believes Trump’s debate performance will slow down the number of Republican lawmakers who say they will not vote for Trump.

Despite all of the negativity on display during the second presidential debate between Clinton and Trump, Zoldak explained the candidates did spend time addressing the issues of trade and taxes, which are issues Americans care about.

Citing that Trump “made a lot of good points” on these topics, Zoldak later added, “If people didn’t care about those and they didn’t side with Trump, then Hillary would be winning by forty (or) fifty points – she’s winning by three points or four points in the latest poll within the margin of error.”

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