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Apparently, the good ol’ days when people thought twice about using offensive slurs are dead and gone.

In an attempt to criticize Donald Trump and discuss his failure to denounce Neo-Nazis, Clinton supporter and liberal Charles Kaiser dropped the N-bomb live on CNN.

While chatting with anchor Brooke Baldwin and Trump supporter Paris Dennard, who is Black, Kaiser ranted, “I’m gonna give [Trump] a little advice if he doesn’t want to stimulate the alt-right. If you don’t want to support the alt-right, don’t choose, as a White House counselor, a man who uses the word n**ger, whose wife say he does not want his daughter to go to a school with too many Jews. And don’t choose as an Attorney General, a man who calls the NAACP an un-American organization.”

Before he was able to finish his point, Kaiser was interrupted by Baldwin, who was noticeably disturbed by his use of the N-word. She said “Charles, I appreciate you going through all of this, but please don’t use the N-word on my show.” 

In his defense, Kaiser said he never uses the word, except “when I’m quoting someone who’s been appointed by the President to serve in the Oval Office. This is such a disgusting moment in our history,” referring to Trump-appointed chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Do you think Kaiser should be chastised for using the N-word, even though he was quoting someone else? Check out the awkward clip above and you be the judge.

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