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Couple decorating Christmas tree

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Holiday season is suppose to be happy times.  Keep it happy and fun by taking the right precautions with tree decorations. When Adorning the tree, (live or faux) please ensure your lights are working properly.  Sometimes they have a short in the cable, a bulb may be loose a spark on the tree could cause a fire.  If you have a live tree, make sure you water it daily and keep live trees away from windows that get a lot of sunlight because  dry trees are very flammable.  Please turn your lights off when no one is home and when you go to sleep at night.  Situate the tree close to the electric outlet it will be plugged in to and eliminate extension cords if at all possible.  Do not run cords across walkways or around corners. Never place the trees near f air-ducts/heat vents, radiators, space heaters or stoves. Keep children away from trees and place ornaments out of reach of kids.  Toddlers love colors and small things so place them high on the tree so they do not pull on them and may pull the tree down.  Nobody wants to be in the hospital, ambulance, without toys presents or family members so please be careful and cautions. Happy Holidays….


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