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Stevie J is more than just a reality star.

Sure, we know him for being a player on Love & Hip-Hop: ATL, but prior to that, he was producing hits for legends like Mariah Carey, Notorious B.I.G., Diddy and more. I wanted our interview to be different, because I knew everything important would come out eventually.

The interview began with a conversation about his 18-year-old daughter trying to let her homegirl move in with them.

Stevie J talks about how he shut her down and how he holds his children up to higher standards: “My daughter’s gotta work and they gotta go to the gym every day and all that. If you’re not with the program, you’re in the program. I’m not about to take care of another grown up.”

He continued, “I teach my daughters all of the game I can possibly give them on their journey and they take and run with it.”

Stevie has had his ups and down in life. Ups like flying high in the heyday of Bad Boy, and downs like dealing with a public child support case, drug use and relationship issues with Joseline.

But he always keeps his kids in the loop: “I always let them know what’s up in my life before they can read about it.”

Stevie knows how the game works as far as media and that reality TV shows will spin things like crazy. He revealed his daughters wanted nothing to do with him after the first time he appeared on Love & Hip-Hop, but after a few episodes, they came back around.

Eventually, Stevie spoke about his child support woes, showing us his house arrest anklet and revealing his baby mother hit him up for a million dollars.

He talks about blowing tons of money and having to have a reality check with himself after going from spending $80K a week to making $80K a year.

Check out this interview and be sure to catch his new show Leave It To Stevie, Mondays on VH1.

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