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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York begins with Yandy dropping the bombshell that Samantha’s best friend, Koko, called her saying she’s concerned about Little Mendeecees and wants to meet up with her as soon as possible. Hold that thought.


Cisco feels abandoned by the Creep Squad and needs someone the talk to. That person is Tara. Apparently, Cisco’s the godfather of Peter’s youngest son, Gunner. Cisco reiterates his story about being mad at Rich and taking it out on Peter.


Tara lets him have it for being ridiculous. She tells him that in order to make it better he has to apologize. He sees apologizing for his actions as “kissing ass” and goes into this dramatic rant about how he’s not giving them an apology. He finally calms down enough for Tara to convince him to do what he needs to do in order to fix this.


Snoop is thinking about giving J Adrienne a <Strike>real</strike> second chance at love (no pun intended), despite her jealous streak. She’s also preparing for her Gorgeous Gangster launch, and she making good on her promise to work with Sofi Green. Sounds like this will all go swimmingly.


Papoose and Remy are back for a hot second (a nanosecond). Pap takes Remy to dinner to congratulate her for her Vh1 Hip-Hop Honors: All Hail the Queens Special. It’s sweet at first until he gives her a pregnancy test wrapped up in a gift box.


Yup…Pap still wants his baby, and “thinks he hit a homerun the other night” so he wants Remy to take the test. Remy channels her inner Bronx Girl and looks at Papoose like this:


She’s just not ready yet and still wants to focus on her career. Hopefully they can work this out.

Mariahlynn decided to sign with Gwinning, and still considers herself “The First Lady of Gwinning,” despite the fact that Major Galore is actually The First Lady of Gwinning. In other words, they got beef. They’ve been talking smack about each other on social media and everywhere else so Self tries to fix the situation later on by setting up a mediation. It went exactly how you imagined. Self’s final proposal is that for them to compete at a small showcase for a slot in a bigger showcase. May the best artist win.

Yandy meets up with Koko, and it turns out that the meeting isn’t about Little Mendeecees. Basically, Koko claims to have recorded conversations between Erika and Samantha about how they plan to sabotage Yandy. They were going to say that Mendeecees is cheating on Yandy, and keep the kids away from Yandy out of spite. Koko says she’s selling her friends out because at first she believed that Yandy was this “bad person” they painted her out to be, but the more she was around Erika and Samantha, the more she started to feel like what they’re up to isn’t right. Koko says she will be sending Yandy the evidence. Lawd.

Hopefully Yandy is smart enough to know that she still shouldn’t trust Koko.


Now we’re at the Gorgeous Gangster showcase. Several of Snoop’s artists perform, including Sofi Green. J Adrienne is in the back, watching the showcase, yelling at the top of her lungs in support and acting a ratchet fool. This is supposed to be a professional event so J Adrienne’s behavior allegedly doesn’t go over so well (as if the people on this show don’t routinely erupt into full on brawls in classy venues), especially because she’s tipsy. Snoop pulls her aside and tries to speak calmly to her about her behavior, but J Adrienne blows up. Then Snoop blows up in response and gets reminded why they’re not together. Womp womp.


Cisco and Peter have their final show down. This time their goal is to settle the score. Peter says they’re either friends or they’re not. Cisco pulls the victim routine again, but Peter reminds him that what he did with the New Orleans situation is the reason why they’re beefing. This conversation doesn’t go well either and Cisco tries to pop off on Peter Gunz. Security breaks them up, and allows them to calm down. Cisco still won’t acknowledge his actions and starts a sob story about how he lost his wife and kids (but he has been cheating on his wife since he first appeared on Love and Hip-Hop, so he brought that on himself), and his mom is dying. Basically, this is another sob story about why he’s being crappy to everyone. The sob story works because Peter Gunz decided to bring Cisco in for a hug and talk to him about what’s going on in his life, and agree to let bygones be bygones. The Creep Squad showdown ends with Cisco and Peter Gunz being bros again. Next week, it’s Rich and Cisco’s turn to face off and we get back to Yandy’s situation where she attempts to swing at Samantha.


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