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It seemed as if Joseline and Karlie Redd would not be able to squash their beef on last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Remember, they started arguing and Karlie Redd got dramatic and walked out of the room. She got all teary eyed about how Joseline is so messed up, yatta yatta. However, tonight’s episode picks up from the moment Karlie Redd walked out.   Melissa is a good mediator and gets things back on track. In a surprising moment, Joseline actually apologizes for smacking her with a bouquet of flowers, but requests that she stop bringing gossipy messiness about Stevie to her doorstep. Karile agrees to this…as if she could ever not be messy.


As we know, Stevie has a new artist, Estelita. She’s “The Panamanian Goddess.” Y’all…


Mimi meets up with her and you know Mimi gets a kick of her being Joseline’s replacement. Other than that, Estelita spills some tea about how Joseline and Stevie seem to be playing house again. Mimi is not happy about this because she doesn’t want Joseline around Eva. You know how Mimi is a fake dignified classy lady and what not.


Later on, Karlie Redd meets Estelita, the “Panamanian Goddess,” at Tammy’s bathing suit fitting thingie or something like that (you know Tammy is a designer).  Karlie acts really strange toward Estelita, who takes her behavior as stankness. However, Karlie claims she’s just keeping to herself because of the promise she made Joseline, and she plans to stick to her word about not spilling messy tea.

Yeah right.

Everyone knows Joseline isn’t going to like it when she finds out about Stevie’s new project. For now, we wait until that finally happens because you know it’s going to happen before the season is over.


Rasheeda and Kirk meet up to chat about their scandal. Kirk is still not owning up to anything and claims that Jasmine is just running game. Rasheeda is embarrassed by Joseline’s visit to The Real, where she revealed what’s happening with the Frosts, and the general chatter on #TheBlogs, and tells him to holla at her after getting that DNA test. Basically, she’s trying to play tough as if Kirk hasn’t been getting away with murder. Good luck with that.


Finally, the episode ends with Karlie Redd’s store event celebrating its new location opening. Everyone comes through, including Yung Joc, whom Karlie invited weeks ago. Remember, she told him to come to prove that he’s serious about her. But then she proves that she’s still just as messy as ever by showing up with Ceaser from Black Ink Crew, and introducing him as her man.

Yung Joc looked at her like:


But we have to wait until next week for the full fall out because we end on that note.


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