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2017 was a YEAR! Every year has its peaks and valleys, but for many 2017 represented 365 days of extreme challenges. Whirlwind romances and an uncertain economy have left a lot of us licking our wounds personally and professionally. If you took some “L’s” last year, here are some ways to change your approach to love and your career for 2018 and bounce back in a BIG way.

1. It’s OK To Be “In Your Feelings.” 

The biggest mistake most people make after a breakup is diving headfirst into anything that will make them forget the pain of what happened. It could be starting an intense workout regimen, a new pet, going vegan, a new boo…any project to keep them distracted. This never works. Let yourself feel all the things…hurt, embarrassment, rage, jealousy…all of it. The sooner you let yourself process all of the emotions the sooner you will stop stalking your ex on social media and get on with your amazing life!

2. Was It Them Or Was It Me?

After a relationship ends it is really easy to open a bottle of wine (or 2!) and spend hours blaming the other person. While you’re busy pointing the finger at them, it may be time for some self-reflection. Were there red flags you ignored? Were you fully present in the relationship and giving your all or were you just going through the motions? Sometimes getting dumped is necessary to make us take a closer look at ourselves and what we can do to be a better partner the next time. If we’re honest, we ALL have some work to do. Let this break up be the start of your journey to your best self.

3. Instead Of Updating Your Instagram…Update Your LinkedIn Account. 

There is nothing fabulous about getting fired. Stop posting brunch photos and playing with Snapchat filters and get your LinkedIn account popping. Unlike a breakup, this is one relationship you need to bounce back from immediately. If you were slacking at work and getting let go was justified, it is time to step it up. There is no excuse for being late, missed deadlines, or taking a million sick days. In 2018 stop making excuses and start pounding the digital pavement. Update your resume and hope whomever they ask for a reference at your old job is having a good day when they call! 

4. Find The Lesson In Being Let Go

One of my biggest mental shifts happened when I stopped asking, “Why did this happen to me?” and instead started asking “Why did this happen for me?” Getting laid off is never ideal, but look at it as an opportunity to take some time (within reason) to start focusing on the career or life goals you really want to achieve. Sometimes when we are in a safe job we aren’t pushed to really go for what we want. Let 2018 be the year you go for it. If you’ve been laid off take a week to feel bad, binge watch all the shows you’ve missed, and then get to work on a new plan. Use your network and let them know your ideas and plans. Your dream job could be a conversation away. The job is gone…you probably didn’t love it anyway. Be thankful for the freedom to try something new.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous 2018!


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