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So much for the younger generation being more open minded and progressive. A  student from Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove, California, went on a racist rant that has been viewed nearly three million times. According to the Elk Grove Tribune, her name is Desirae Fernandez and she said on her Snapchat, “Black people are trash, they need to die” and “when police were killing all those Black people, I was so happy.” She is also joined by a friend who laughs in the background. If you can stomach it, the video is below:

According to CBS, “the school is working with the students in the video and their families and investigating the incident.” Allegedly, the girl could not be reached on social media and her phone number, which was posted on Twitter, has been disconnected. The racist Snapchat shouldn’t be too shocking. Back in September, there was a note left of the door of Black salon in Elk Grove,  which read, “You f—– blacks cause too much damage. Your (sp) a f—– eyesore to this town! Get out soon.” No one knows who left the note. Hopefully, the high school student who made the disgusting comments on Snapchat will be fully punished.

SOURCE: Elk Grove Tribune, CBS


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