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Tonight’s season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta is only build up to all the drama that will unfold at next week’s reunion. We start with Porsha and Vivica A. Fox interviewing on Dish Nation because it’s the opening night of their play, Two Can Play That Game, which is based on the movie (that also starred Vivica A. Fox). Say what you want about Porsha, but she sure be werking…and working!


In other news, Kandi and Eva are getting along well, and since Eva is new to Atlanta and her birthday is coming up (the day before Halloween), it’s only right that Kandi suggests she have a birthday party. You know what that means, issa Halloween party!


Next, we see Kandi, Sheree and Cynthia kicking it at Sheree’s finally completed home (including the basement) and they discuss Porsha. Sheree feels some type of way about Porsha she heard that Porsha told Shamea that she didn’t trust her. You know news travels fast, far and wide in this circle, and everyone is fragile. Sheree then reveals that Kim only tolerated Porsha because she was around Sheree. Basically, The rest of the episode is build up to the party where there will be lots of trite chats.

Now let’s get to party time! The fun part is the costumes. Cynthia killed her costume dressed like 50 Cent, but 50 Cynt. Get it? Then Nene comes through dressed up as an exterminator because she’s an expert troll. Do you get it? She knew Kim would be there and of course, there’s the roach-gate situation that they’re beefing over. So, here we are. Nene even brought her hubby Gregg in on it. He came dressed like a cockroach. Petty af!

Sheree and Porsha get their moment to talk and it gets tense for a minute when Lauren (Porsha’s sister) and Sheree go at it a bit. Then Porsha calmly tells Sheree that she said what she said to Shamea after Barcelona when she was feeling attacked and feeling some type of way about Sheree always being involved in drama, yatta yatta. Kim was standing next to Sheree chiming in with extra little commentary that no one asked for. Then Kim and Sheree walk away before things get too crazy. Nene grabs Porsha and tries to calm her down. Then Marlo interrupts their chat with a disingenuous attempt to apologizes to Porsha, but she really just ends up poking Porsha. You know how she does. Porsha deescalates by walking way and Marlo follows her.


Porsha does a good job of being unbothered until Marlo finally backs off. Porsha and Nene finally have the chat they attempted to have. Basically, it’s Nene telling Porsha to take accountability for her actions and that she should attempt to get the group to move on by apologizing to all of them for whatever it is she has done. Nene was trying to have this happen at the party because that’s appropriate. Smh.

Porsha declines. She thinks they’re all fake anyway and we leave it at that.

Next week is reunion time and there will be plenty to say, particularly to Kim!


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