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They say you learn something new everyday, and with the Internet expanding so rapidly, it seems like we learn something new every second.

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For example, this whole time, we’ve all been complaining about something being “hard as hell.” But to many folks’ surprise, it’s actually “hard as hail” — get it?


That got us thinking, what else have we been saying that’s flat out wrong?

People are still bugged out that Gif is pronounced Jiff. Check out more phrases you’ve probably saying wrong all along.

The “Yop”in Yoplait yogurt is pronounced Yop like “top” not like “nope.

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Nipping something in the butt is not a thing. But you can “nip it in the bud”.

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In court, there’s no such thing as pleading the fifth. You can “take the fifth”. A plea is a statement someone makes at the beginning of the trial.

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Instead of saying that someone is out of their rabbit ass mind, it’s actually “rabid ass mind”. Like rabies.

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The only time you could be “Waiting on” someone is if you work at a restaurant. Otherwise, you’re “waiting for” something or someone.

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Avoid looking crazy in meeting by remembering that it’s “flesh out” ideas, instead of “flush”.

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We all say “you’ve got another thing coming.” But would you believe that it’s actually “You’ve got another THINK coming.”  I.E. “If that’s what you think, then you have another think coming.”

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Can you think of any more things we’ve been saying totally wrong? Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to share.

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