18-Years old, if that, fresh out of Ballou, Z-Roc. Since the release of DWID, the Weight On Me artist has been catching attention quickly around Southeast and Instagram. From hearing the content of both DWID & the follow up EP, DWID II, I’ve learned that Z-Roc’s lyrical capabilities go way beyond his age. Take “Weight On Me” as a triple entendre, for the mass of marijuana he has on him (welcome to D.C.), the stress & responsibilities bestowed on the young man, and the heavy jewelry along with the designer fashion he wears.

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In his young 2016 debut EP, “DWID”, it reflects on his struggles in his community, life and the perseverance to withstand temptations. Z-Roc spits bars that excite anyone who is fanatic for lyrical content delivered with an effortless melodic flow. “Do What I Do” is an instant hit for the people. 2017’s DWID II is the 12-track follow up; with two more 2018 releases, Keep It On Me (feat. Young Jose) & Weight On Me.

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