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Hugh Laurie And Geena Davis In 'Stuart Little'

Source: Archive Photos / Getty

Remember Stuart Little?

The brave mouse who flew planes, sailed boats and constantly warmed hearts by searching for the affection of his family?


Well apparently, there’s a group of people out there who hate his guts.

Like…a big group of people.

In early June, an “I hate Stuart Little” page was started on Facebook and it’s already gained over 51,000 followers.

And the person who started it like really hates Stuart…

Like really REALLY hates him.


You would think a little guy trying to be accepted in a big big world would be a universal message for anyone with a heart.

But i guess, with “I hate Stuart Little,” no hearts were given.

The Stuart hateration is so deep, the page has to be a few moves away from being a registered hate group.

A mouse must have hurt these people as kids.

If you want to find out how outrageous these Stuart Little haters can get, be brave and swipe through to the next pages!

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