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At this point, we should all know to never under estimate the power of a Florida Man.


Even homeless Floridians with no arms can make the news for committing heinous and bizarre crimes like stabbing someone with scissors — using his feet.

According to Miami Beach police, 46-year-old Jonathan Crenshaw held a pair of scissors with his feet and stabbed 22-year-old Cesar Coronado just after midnight Tuesday. Crenshaw, a local painter in the neighborhood, says that he was lying down when Coronado approached him and kicked him in the head. So he stabbed the boy twice, then fled the scene.

However, a friend of Coronado says they asked Crenshaw for directions when he suddenly jumped up and stabbed Coronado in his arm. The 22-year was taken to the hospital, while Crenshaw was caught and charged with aggravated battery.

Honestly, this is pretty mild compared to other Florida Man stories. But stabbing someone with your feet is peculiar enough to make the cut.


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