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First We Feast’s incredibly popular Youtube series Hot Ones is finally back for a seventh season of hot questions, and even hotter wings.

Fans of the show are known to bombard the comment section (and the host Sean Evans‘ Twitter page) with requests for who they want as a guest on the show–and they brought the heat this season by starting out with one of their most highly-requested guests for the series: Chrissy Teigen.

The cookbook author, model, and entrepreneur stepped into the terror-dome with a different approach than the show has ever seen, as she licks her way through the all-new hot sauce lineup–but unfortunately for Chrissy, things don’t exactly end well.

Throughout the course of the episode, Teigen touches on a little bit of everything from her guide to surviving award shows to her honest thoughts on her tweets becoming news stories…and she even demonstrates how to perfectly pit an avocado.

Some of the most memorable quotes from this one-of-a-kind episode include:

“We went to Chicago, I think I tried four or five different ones. I respect it for what it is. It’s not pizza.” said the cookbook author on the classic deep dish pizza debate.

When talking about how it feels to have mundane tweets of hers (or other celebrities) turned into entire news stories or think-pieces, Chrissy says, “It is annoying because on Twitter, people follow you, they know your humor. And then once that gets translated into a story, everyone’s like leaving comments like ‘Who cares?’ And I’m like, ‘That’s what I’m saying! Who cares? It was just a dumb tweet. It wasn’t mean to be some kind of think piece.’”

And her comments about award shows are eye-opening to say the least:

“You still have dogs sniffing up your dress and stuff, they just assume that everyone’s just packing drugs at all times. And you always think that people are partying, but no, everyone’s just looking for the same drink basically. They’re all like, ‘Do you know where the bar is?’ And it’s also very annoying because everyone wants you in your seats, and when they see you stand up to get a drink, they tell you that there’s no bar. They try to lure you back into your seat because obviously they don’t want a whole room of seat fillers.”


After the episode made it online, Teigen commented on what happened after the episode’s taping, tweeting the following:

It was all worth it in the end.

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