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While Ange is out until 2019, Aladdin the Prince is holding down for her and on Monday, Smoot joined the Morning Show to speak on the Washington Football Team victory this weekend. We also let the city speak on what they think is next for the home team.

“They’re not going to make the playoffs” was pretty much the overall thinking of our callers and “We can’t even lose right. We need to lose” were Smoots thoughts. Welp hopefully the Wizard’s victory over the Lakers gives some faith back to the city. John Wall lead the team with 40 points, 14 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals. LeBron rode out of the city listening to Angie Ange in the Morning to hopefully help get his mind right after that blowout.

With all of the drama that has been surrounding both of these teams from injuries, trades, losses, rumors and so many other things, this was just a great breathe of fresh air.