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Stephanie Nelson AKA Persephanii

Source: Stephanie Nelson / Instagram

With a bust size of 34S, Stephanie Nelson knows a little bit about the struggles of finding a bra that fits and supports her situation properly. Ms. Nelson has launched a $100,000 GoFundMe effort to support other women in the journey of locating bras that both look and feel good in an overall bid to promote breast health.

Some readers might remember Nelson as one of our Baes and Baddies entries under the name persephanii, and as we noted then, her curvaceous frame is without a doubt a head-turner. However, she’s noticed the plight of women of her busty ilk in noting that many of them are wearing ill-fitting bras and how that could be contributing to their back pain and the like.

From GoFundMe:

I am a size 34S and I have no pain associated with my back and shoulders from having large breasts! It was not always like that. I wore poor suppprting bras thatugged on my back and shoulders to the point of me considering having a breast reduction.

Breast health is extremely important. Finding the right size is even more important. Many women walk around with pain in their back, shoulder and chest because they cannot find the right size. As a breast healthy woman I fear there could be a correlation to breast diseases and wearing poor supporting bras. I would like to raise money to not only purchase new bras for myself but also do give aways and events and help other women with large breasts find bras that fit well, improve their posture and help get rid of pain.

With all of that being said. BRA’S are expensive. Please donate if you’d love to see a reduction in pain and more confident breast healthy women near you!

Nelson kept it a stack in saying she wants to cop new wears for herself, but the larger goal of helping others is really the best part in all of this. Salute to her.

If folks would like to support Stephanie Nelson’s bra fund, click here.

Photo: Instagram

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