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Christmas has come and gone, well not according to the Detroit Pistons Guard Langston Galloway, who came to the game against the Wizards Wednesday night in his very festive suit.

If you take a look at the caption in Mr. Galloway’s photo, you can see why he’s smiling after a double dose of holiday cheer. The Wizards have lost again. If we take a look back just over the past two weeks, the Laker’s game brought amazing aggression, toughness and grit from our players. That game has to be the model for the rest of the season but inconsistency has become at Capital One Arena and on the road. Since defeating Lebron on December 16th, the Wizards have only won one other game over the last 5. That win so happened to be against the Phoenix Suns with their new teammate Kelly Oubre Jr.

A visit from Wizard’s Past: Kelly Oubre Jr. returned to Cap One only about a week after being traded. Kelly made sure to make his presences known and of course was welcomed with lots of KO “12” jerseys and a standing ovation, “It’s love man, it’s a moment I will cherish forever”. He shared with me that it was definitely weird being in the visitor locker room but no matter the team he will always be him when playing this game.

Fan With Kelly Oubre Jr Jersey

Source: BreAnna Holmes / VidsByBre

A visit from Wizard’s present: As stated above winning has been pretty foreign to the Wiz kids lately. No matter who you talk to about this team, there’s always a sigh. Most fans expected so much more from this team. Currently some of the reasons for the recent losses were; travel, 3 overtimes and “well, they beat the Lakers”. The Wizards are second to last in the league in rebounding. That’s a big part that hurt them in Detroit with Drummond and Griffin posted in the paint, the home team struggled. Dwight’s return is definitely on everyone’s mind. A sight in the near future that seems so far away is Dwight getting back on the court with the team which isn’t expected to happen until March.

A visit from Wizard’s future: All-Star voting has now opened. Last year Beal enjoyed his first year as an all-star along side his teammate Wall, who has been voted in 5 consecutive times. But this year that streak may end. The Wizards are 11th in the east so most laugh at the thought that they will have two players representing during All-Star Weekend. Wall is the face and leader of the team so if they want things to change and win, he has to be the one to pull everything together. Some have even already dismissed the thought of playoffs for this team or if they manage to get in, they’ll be out in the first round so what’s the point. The Wizard’s future is as unpredictable as their wins.

There are two more chances to end this year on a good note. The Wizards play Chicago and Charlotte at home on Friday and Saturday. These are back to back games but they are also winnable and needed wins. We’ll just have to wait and see how serious, focused and determined these guys will be.

Written by BreAnna Holmes