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You may know him from his hit song with Cardi B “Backin It Up” but Pardison Fontaine is no stranger to the music industry. The New York native helped the Grammy winning rapper write a good portion of songs on her inaugural album “Invasion of Privacy.” Pardison first sat down for an extreme debate about which Gummy bears are the best as he admitted that he is an avid gummy bear lover.
Pardison also admitted that he never considered himself a song writer but more so an artist that writes music and co-writes for others. He made it very clear that he CO-WROTE Cardi B’s album and that the bars and content of her music were purely hers. He said that he helped her gather a flow to the music verses writing the lyrics for her. He sets the record straight that it was a partnership.

Pardi also said to look out for in new music that’s on the way! If you want see the full interview, watch the video above.

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