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WTOL's Morning Team Using "Slang" In Viral Clip Is Very Cringe-Worthy

Source: tomazl / Getty

There is nothing more cringe-worthy than adult white folks trying to be cool. Local News anchors in Ohio decided to use lingo the kids are using to help encourage them as you can imagine it was the worst thing ever.

It’s testing week in Ohio and WTOL’s morning news team wanted to help boost kids morale on Wednesday (Mar.27) by using “slang” to help them ace the big tests that will determine if they will graduate from high school. The segment which did not air during the shows televised broadcast lived on the morning show’s social media pages and immediately was received with laughs and a very profound” this ain’t it chief.”

The use of “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!,” “on fleek,” “Gucci,” “OKURRRR,” “turnt” and “stay woke” just didn’t hit like it was supposed to and some could argue the perpetrators had no idea what they were even saying.

Now to be fair, the whole thing was supposed to be cringe-worthy in the first place. WTOL newsroom explained on Thursday (Mar.29) their goal was gain attention by being as corny as possible and for the most part it worked.

“When we heard what was on the line, we felt like we had to do something different to connect with these kids. This was an effort to reach kids where they are—on social media and to give them a laugh at our expense.”

Public schools in Toledo are in danger right now due to two consecutive years of failing grades in the state’s mandatory tests and an eye-opening 800 kids skip out on the exams just last year. If the scores don’t improve funding could be impacted.

So now after reading that, the perception changes a bit, BUT they definitely could have done something else that was well…so corny. But hey whatever works to bring attention to the situation with the school system there and encourage the kids right?

You can watch the ridiculous video below if you need a laugh.

Photo: tomazl / Getty

Newsflash: News Anchors In Ohio Tried Being Cool Using Teen Lingo, Failed Miserably  was originally published on hiphopwired.com