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Source: Shareif Ziyada / Shareif Ziyada


Meek Mill is back in court trying to have his conviction overturned. Meek Mill will be appearing in Court again in Pennsylvania’s Superior Court. He will appear court to discuss his 2008 conviction, gun and drug charges and having it tossed out. There have been suggestions from state prosecutors for him to get a new trial. Meek’s first judge, Genece Brinkley, who was his first judge to put him jail and put him jail again, once she found out he violated his probation. Putting him jail again for 2-4 yrs.

Meek’s team believes that the judge had something against Meek. Fans all over and apart of his community made many petitions, along with helping him being released early. This #FreeMeek caused a huge uproar and moved the city of Philly tremendously. This time when he goes in front of the court, Meek is not going to face Judge Genece Brinkley; however, he will stand in front of a panel of judges. These judges will decide the ending decision on his 2008 conviction. Meek Mill is releasing a documentary, #FreeMeek, produced by Jay-Z and will be an Amazon five-part Series released on August 9th.