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PRESSED! PRESSED! PRESSED! PRESSED! CARDI DON’T NEED MORE PRESS! As you all know Tekashi69 was snitching like crazy this week and guess who he threw under the bus? Bardi!

Cardi B took to Instagram posting a hilarious video meme of actress KeKe Palmer saying, “I don’t know this man.” Although it has since been clarified that 69 said Cardi was a blood  and not specifically Nine Trey, Cardi’s reps at Atlantic Records issued a statement denying all gang allegations. Cardi didn’t have time but her and her rep said She confirmed that she is a Blood gang member, however, she’s a member of the Brims set and not Nine Trey.


Speaking of Keke Palmer, she is now collecting some coins honey! She released the ‘Sorry To This Man’ tees after going viral off her interview. Get it K-Kizzle!

Kevin Hart is back and better following his recent car accident, which left him with major back injuries. Kevin Hart’s car lacked key safety features so he’s preparing to file a lawsuit. He will take on serious physical therapy but we can’t wait to see him fully recover.

Remember Ice JJ Fish? The real king of R&B? Well he is back and better! The internet sensation is back with a new video to show us who has the real vocals 2019. Although the vocals and dance moves are still the same, he definitely is looking like somebody’s bae…let’s be clear I am not that somebody. Can’t for more JJ Fish tunes to drop. Whew chile Nene what is it? Black as hell or ghetto as hell? 

Celine Dion made a video telling Drake not to add her face on his body! Sis wanted no parts. She offered him to come over for dinner, even give autographs to her kids but NO TATTOO OF HER FACE PERIODT!

The Patriots chucked the deuces to Antonio Brown! After they saw those text messages, they wanted no parts anymore. When it rains it pours. The Patriots put out the statement, “We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time.” Man oh man! As the allegations continue to unravel, so is his career, but lucky for him he is a free agent; with the controversy going on we are not sure who will pick him up, but regardless let justice be served. 

Have a good weekend!