Leah’s Lemonade: Stacey Dash Arrested for Putting Dem Paws on her Husband!


Well we were waiting for Kanye to drop ‘Jesus is King’ last Friday and if you were enjoying his Sunday service remixes…sad news for you. Reports are saying that Kanye’s not satisfied with the album; he’s already had a listening party and it’s gotten great reviews. However, every time Kanye finds something to redo! We’ll see when the new release date is…

DaBaby security did more than his job he knocked the mess out of a female fan. I really can’t wrap my head around why people still mess with DaBaby or his team. Over the weekend a video surfaced of a young lady hitting DaBaby while he was in a crowd and that caused his security to put them real paws on her…Stacey Dash what is? Also ghetto as hell! Well now, he’s speaking out after people said he was wrong for knocking the female out. Moral of the story keep your hands to yourself. I’m dead he thought she was a man.

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#WhatsThatTeaNiece: Now, usually we would save this for Monday but it’s an exclusive. #NicoleMurphy went on the #WendyWilliams show today to address her kissing scandal with married man #AntoineFuqua. As you guys can remember Nicole stated at first that Antoine was a family friend, but on the Wendy Williams Show she stated she never released that stated and the only one given was the one from TMZ. Well @lovebscottdotcom leaked the original messages from Nicole to them andddd wheww childd.. this an embarrassment to #LelaRochon. #TeaKakes.. who do believe Nicole Murphy? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♀️🥴☕️ . . #dfwpodcast #blackpodcasts #dfwcreatives #texaspodcast #teakakes #blackcreatives #aunteas #relationships #dating #cheating #theshaderoom #lovebscott #teakakestuesday #gossip #tmz

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Nicole Murphy…let me start off by saying, we knew shorty was lying! Chile, blogger Love B. Scott is pulling receipts out on Nicole Murphy’s story with Antoine Fuqua. She stated they weren’t family friends and she didn’t release that statement saying they were…She said that was a platonic moment taken out of context…Love B. Scot is saying she paid paparazzi to capture the moment…but worst, this woman planned it four months in advance. To add some spice to this story, she was indeed a family friend that had been to their kids birthday. This would be my Whew Chile the Ghetto, but there’s a hoodlum that got locked up…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the ghetto-est of them all? STACEY DASH. Stacey Dash for allegedly beating the mess out of her husband.  The domestic violence charges were flying over her direction in Florida this weekend. 911 got a call  alleging that Stacey and her man Jeff got into it honey! Sis went in, scratches and all; word on the block is she slapped the taste out of his and pushed him…allegedly. Way to make America great right? That’s been her motto and she’s obviously sticking to it!


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